Small Consistent Effort

It took me a few moments to work out what the above mathematical calculations meant.

The first line means that if you keep doing the same thing you’ve always done, every day, for 365 days (1 year), you’ll still be in the same place.

The second line means that if you improve your life by just 1% every day, by the end of the year you’ll be 37.7 times greater than at the start.

It seems too good to be true, but this is the true power of small changes and cumulative gains. I mentioned this in my post about How to Sort Your Life Out.

I think the blogger and entrepreneur James Altucher also sets a goal for himself to improve 1% every day. Now I can see why.

Graphic: Tidy Your Room v2

From Jordan Peterson’s YouTube videos, I picked up the rough process of 1 and 2. And recently I’ve been thinking lots about Awareness and Attention and they just seemed to fit. And it occurred to me that we need to use Truth to help us do step 1 correctly (Tell the truth or at least don’t lie). And then it occurred to me that we needed Courage to do step 2 correctly (Face the dragon voluntarily). That’s when I published version 1 earlier today [on 27/08/2019].

The size, shape and colours of the 3 large shapes were inspired by the concept of AT Fields in the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion (yes, honestly!) Just like with The Lion King and many other stories, that anime seems to tell us some powerful and useful ideas about reality.

As I’ve been thinking about 1 and 2, it just felt like something was missing… a third component. I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the 3 principles of Truth, Courage and Love. Actually, I got those 3 from the videogame Ultima IV (believe it or not!)

So, I asked myself, if I’m going to add in LOVE as a third step, what’s the practical manifestation of love? The closest concept I could come up with was Acceptance. I also realised that often after doing step 2, I feel kinda burned out, maybe even a little depressed. But having compassion for myself and using mindfulness in step 3 returns me back to an even keel.

I must admit, I also really like the fact that all 3 steps begin with the letter A. It all just feels kinda right to me.

All feedback/suggestions welcomed.

Graphic: Tidy Your Room

[UPDATE 28/08/2019: I now have a version 2 of this graphic, which I feel is more complete.]

I’ve created this flowchart graphic to demonstrate Jordan Peterson’s process of creating meaning in your life by tidying your room.

We use the twin spiritual tools of Awareness and Attention to make our lives better.

I’ve added Truth, Courage and Love. I feel they are essential principles for this process to work correctly.