Artie Lange: Why He Won’t Say He’ll Never Get High Again

Just For Today

I like Artie’s approach, which comes from the 12 Steps. I don’t have to worry about staying off drugs for the rest of my life… I just have to stay clean for today.

Artie says how he loved the feeling of being out of control. I can really relate to that… I wanted to know where boundaries and limits were… so I could smash straight through them!

It’s also refreshing to hear him admit openly how much he loved drugs. I hear lots of stories about people whose lives were absolutely miserable due to drugs. But it wasn’t really like that for me.

Sure, I had the occasional low point and a few hospitalisations, but for the most part I fucking loved getting high. And it’s a relief to be able to say that openly.

Artie’s right, this attitude is both honest and it takes the pressure off.

Just For Today.