Crash Course in Discipline

Here are the key ideas I’m using to make myself be more disciplined. I’m totally stealing borrowing ideas from Joe Rogan, Jocko Willinck, Mark Queppett (Universal Man), Jordan Peterson and Meredith Hooke

Choose your pain

You have to choose – the pain of discipline of the pain of regret?


You never regret a workout. You only regret NOT working out.

Discipline equals freedom. Get the discipline out of the way, then you can do whatever you want.

The 3 Pillars

Imagine 3 mental pillars:

  1. What you love.
  2. What you hate.
  3. What you’re indifferent to.

To be disciplined, you need to:

  1. Love what you’re becoming (e.g. a fit and healthy person who eats well, with tonnes of energy and motivation).
  2. Hate what you used to be or what you would become if you carried on the way you were going (e.g. fat, unhealthy, depressed, low energy).
  3. Become indifferent to the cost of reaching your goal (e.g. the time & effort required for daily workouts, the discomfort of declining unhealthy food.) These costs no longer matter to you.

For Eating Healthily

Decide which is more important to you:

  • Temporary mouth pleasure
  • Your long-term health

Slacking Off

Nobody wants to work out. But you make yourself do it. That’s discipline. And you’ll be glad you did it.

You never stand still. If you think you’re standing still, in reality you’re going backwards. And things can always get worse. When they start to get worse, they can get very bad very quickly. So keep putting in effort, it’s worth it.

Don’t wait for the motivation to do things. Do them no matter how you feel. That’s what discipline is.

Slipping Up

Every time you slip up, it’s because you gave yourself permission to slip up.

It doesn’t matter how many times you fall down, it matters that you keep getting back up. Never quit.

Work on a principle of 2 steps forward and 1 step back. Allow yourself to make mistakes. Be kind to yourself. Just don’t give up.

How to Fall in Love with Discipline

I’m loving Mark Queppet’s Man of Action series on YouTube. His channel is exploding in popularity recently.

Here’s the third episode, which came out a few days ago. It’s about how to make yourself disciplined by thinking in the same way that disciplined people think.

Such a powerful idea! I’ll be sure to get around to implementing it… in a bit… after this bag of Doritos and a movie…

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Becoming a Man [or Woman] of Action

Are you living your life like an NPC (Non-Player Character)? Are you not really living your life’s purpose? Maybe you don’t even have any idea about what your life’s purpose might be?

Then watch this:

The above video from Universal Man (Mark Queppet) resonates strongly with the Truth.

“You have to be more bored than afraid [to be productive]”

Universal Man

I will be following this guy’s YouTube channel closely. If you’re on a similar journey to me, I recommend you do too.

Here are some of my current & former dopamine loops, plus what I’m doing about them:

  • Mindlessly browsing Facebook… -> I deleted my account months ago.
  • Mindlessly watching YouTube videos even if I’m not particularly interested in them… -> I’m now much more discerning, I try to watch only videos which feel meaningful.
  • Scrolling through Instagram looking at hot babes (testosterone AND dopamine loop)… -> Deleted my Instagram account months ago.
  • Wandering into the kitchen looking for food even if I wasn’t hungry… -> I now ask myself if I really want the food before I eat. Often I’m bored, not hungry.
  • Playing videogames (used to be my biggest hobby) -> I haven’t played games at all for about 3 weeks. I will still play them occasionally, but way less than before.
  • Visiting Reddit multiple times per day… -> I’m still trying to strike a balance here because lots of my Reddit use genuinely does feel meaningful.
  • Watching pr0n (wasn’t a big issue for me really) -> I almost never watch pr0n now.

What about you? What are your dopamine loops? How are you mindlessly distracting yourself and ruining your productivity? Let me know in the comments.

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