Rock’s Fabulous Journey

  • Suicide

    03/07/2019 by

    If you’ve ever felt so low that you considered killing yourself, please watch this video. It’s Jordan Peterson speaking over some cool music by Akira The Don. Powerful stuff. I’ve been that low several times in my life. I hope I never go back there. No matter how bad things seem right now, they can… Read more

  • The Crazy Brain of a Drug Addict

    13/11/2019 by

    My brain went to some strange places as I lay in bed last night. It took over two hours for me to get to sleep… my mind raced thanks to a combination of strong coffee and fasting. I thought mainly about my drug of choice (DXM) and how much I loved it. That drug filled… Read more

  • F-You, 12 Steps

    12/11/2019 by

    I both love and hate the 12 Steps. After quitting the fellowship yesterday (“for good, this time!”), I went to another meeting tonight (again). And it was great, I loved it. But there’s so much of the dogma and culture which I fucking hate. There are certain things I simply will not subscribe to, certain… Read more

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