Who Is Rock Bollinger?

I’m interested in exploring what it takes to lead a meaningful life, whilst also managing multiple forms of mental illness. My interests include: science & technology, philosophy, psychology, personal development, Jordan Peterson, The Intellectual Dark Web, electronic music, videogames, mental health & depression, physical health & fitness, politics, religion, spirituality.

Favourite Talkers

Dr. Jordan Peterson, Joe Rogan, Dr. Bren√© Brown, Russell Brand

Favourite Musicians

Flume, Porter Robinson, Moderat, Arkasia, High Contrast, CHVRCHES, Louis The Child, Greyhat

Favourite Coaches

Tim Brownson, Life Coach (also my favourite Tim)

James Smith, Personal Trainer (also my favourite James)

Favourite Videogames

Rez Infinite, Dark Souls Remastered, Guild Wars 2, Bayonetta, Hollow Knight, STEINS;GATE


Where did the name Rock Bollinger come from?

I enjoy making silly pseudonyms for myself. This one is simply the latest.

What’s the significance of the ankh (cross with a loop at the top)?

It’s the ancient Egyptian symbol for life & rebirth. It’s also the symbol of The Avatar, the main protagonist in the 80s videogame Ultima IV. That’s also where the subtitle of this blog comes from, Quest of the Avatar.

Are you religious?

Actually, I consider myself to be a combination of Christian, Spiritual and Atheist (Scientific). I think each of these belief systems (or world views) has useful things to tell us about the nature of our Universe and how best to live a meaningful life. I don’t think very many people hold the same combination of beliefs as me. Some of my beliefs may appear to be illogical or paradoxical, but I’m comfortable with that.

Where do you stand on politics?

In a similar way to religion, I don’t have a strong affiliation to any particular group or belief system. I’m interested only in good ideas, not in getting tribal and supporting a particular team. If you put a gun to my head, I’d say I’m like most of the 70-80% of the general public who hold moderate, centrist positions. I abhor the extremes of the disproportionately vocal far left and far right. Some of my political positions could be described as left-leaning. Some are more conservative. Just like with religion, I don’t want to be put into an easily defined box. That’s just a way for people to dismiss you and think lazily. I prefer people to ask me questions rather than make assumptions about me.