Ten Reasons Why Today is a Good Day

My friend “A” just asked me how I am today.

I replied, “10/10 day so far dude 🙂 “

He asked what’s made it so good. Here’s my non-exhaustive list…

  1. It’s sunny yet freezing outside. The frost looks beautiful in the sunlight.
  2. Cool music. Honestly, my monthly Spotify membership is such a bargain in terms of its cost per hour of enjoyment.
  3. Loads cool free stuff from Amazon Vine recently. I get sent free things in exchange for honest reviews.
  4. Feeling really pleased with all my ongoing DIY projects around the house. Lots of things are looking and functioning better, in lots of small ways.
  5. I had a good shift at work last night (delivering pizza). Very busy, but enjoyable, despite the cold.
  6. Somehow I’m finding myself even more able to laugh at the absurdities in life, even more than usual. Which is just fucking weird considering I’m meant to be in withdrawal from anti-depressants.
  7. My wonderful wife is home. She’s been away with work Mon-Fri for 3 weeks solid. And so I’m loving her company now she’s home.
  8. I’m alive and clean from drugs. That used to be no big deal for me, but now it’s an absolutely huge part of my happiness.
  9. Cute dogs. ‘Nuff said.
  10. I have discovered a method for committing the perfect crime* : superglue. Just “accidentally” get superglue on your fingertips (without sticking them together). It will smooth out your fingerprints so you’ll be able to engage in a crime spree.

* Results not guaranteed.

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