I Predicted a Terrorist Attack – And it Happened!

During the peak of my drug-induced psychosis in August 2019, I predicted there would be a terrorist attack today, 09/11/2019 (UK date format).

And it’s happened.

What Exactly Did I Predict?

I predicted the following things about the attack:

  • It would be like the UK version of the 9/11 attacks in New York – a huge disaster. This is why the date is 9/11 in UK format.
  • There were no people in the city at the time of the attack, meaning no people would be injured or killed. But lots of property would be damaged.
  • I would be responsible in some way for limiting the severity of the attack. I’d pilot the giant robot UNIT-01 from the anime Evangelion and fight an Angel in order to save mankind.
  • I would need to link together my conscious and unconscious minds in order to be effective. This is what happens when I sync with UNIT-01 to be effective in combat.

So What Actually Happened?

OK, I admit it: I only dreamed of a terrorist attack in the early hours of this morning! As far as a I know, there hasn’t been any attacks in the real world, only inside my head.

Here are the detail of my dream:

I was back working at an old employer from many years ago. A disgruntled customer had hacked in to the company’s IT systems and was systematically wrecking all of the servers and networking devices. This was designated as a terrorist attack against the company. It seemed the hacker just wanted to destroy the company, he wasn’t interested in extortion or blackmail.

System after system went offline as the hacker’s viruses and other tools wrecked everything. In a desperate attempt to save some servers, they were ripped off shelves and disconnected from the network. But we weren’t entirely sure if the hacker had already managed to infiltrate them.

The hack brought the entire company to its knees. None of its IT systems were working. It would take weeks, if not months, to rebuild all the systems. Most of the company’s data had been irretrievably lost. In my dream, the company didn’t appear to be using any off-site backups.

We had no idea how the hacker so easily bypassed all of the company’s layers of security. It was one of the most advanced and devastating hacking attacks the world had ever seen.

Some years earlier, I had developed an automated system which would help us to rebuild the company’s systems. After I’d spent a little time refreshing my memory about how it all worked, I felt confident I could help the company get back onto its feet.

How Accurate Was My Prediction?

Elephant in the room… I didn’t predict a real terrorist attack. And the dream I had was probably just my unconscious acting out the earlier predication.

The attack happened to a UK company, so the location was right.

The date of the attack was correct.

I thought that a city would suffer severe damage. But in my dream, only IT equipment was damaged.

I correctly predicted that no people were harmed, only property (IT equipment).

I correctly predicted that I would have a role in reducing the severity of the attack (by helping to rebuild IT systems).

My conscious and unconscious minds are linked by virtue of the fact I had a dream (unconscious) and then remembered it when I awoke (conscious). So that’s correct.

What Does My Dream Mean?

I have no idea. Seriously.


Basically, my dream was an almost perfect manifestation of my earlier prediction. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced anything like this before.

I don’t think I can call myself a psychic. All we can say is that the unconscious mind works in mysterious ways!

From my point of view, this has all been an amusing distraction, nothing more really.

Now let’s see what happens on the 29th November!

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