The Cure for the Toxic Internet?

I go out of my way to avoid exposing myself to toxicity on the Internet. I’m very careful about my use of social media. And I strictly limit my exposure to mainstream news… or anything else I find depressing.

What if there was a social media platform where people treated each other with respect, freedom of expression was paramount, and there’s lots of intelligent and thoughtful discussion of ideas?

Well, now there is! Welcome to ThinkSpot.

Thinkspot is a collaborative community where individuals can explore and exchange ideas in a thoughtful and respectful manner. The platform is an intellectual playground for meaningful discourse.”

I got my invitation to go live with the beta version today and I’ve just started browsing the site. I’m so excited!

Let’s hope it takes off. Some of my mega-heroes are already contributors: Dr. Jordan Peterson and Akira The Don, amongst others.

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