How does consciousness work?

A radical theory has mind-blowing answers

The Feeling of Life Itself by Christof Koch charts a radical theory about consciousness that shows the survival advantages for humans, and why computers can never be conscious.

[Rock’s note: I am definitely buying this book]

The nature of consciousness is notoriously hard to crack and there are so many speculative ideas about it that it is hard to keep track of them. Another book on the subject may seem one too many, but Christof Koch’s deep synthesis of a profound theory of consciousness and the latest neuroscience is an exception.

At last, we have a theory of consciousness that makes clear and testable predictions, many wholly unexpected. It says even the cleverest computers can never be conscious, while many more species of animal than we thought have sparks of consciousness.

More exotically, it implies that it may be possible to experience the great void – the deep meditative state that mystics seek – and for lovers to meld minds. But perhaps most important of all, the theory suggests that consciousness has a function and thus why it evolved.

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