The Divinity Within

Quite a lot of us have problems with self-esteem. If you have problems with addiction or depression, then this is very likely.

A few years ago, a friend said something which really stuck with me. She said, “The human body is so amazing, I want to do everything I can to keep mine fit and healthy.”

I could tell she had a kind of reverence or awe for the miracle of being alive. I wished I felt the same about myself and my own body.

Having depression and low self-esteem, I often had quite a poor impression of myself – and that extended to my body image, health & fitness etc.

Since then, I’ve had an ambition to reach the same stage as my friend – I wanted to love and respect myself and my body so much that it felt like my duty and privilege to keep myself healthy, both physically and mentally.

Jordan Peterson says:

“Treat yourself like someone you are responsible for helping”

Rule 2 – 12 Rules for Life – Jordan Peterson

When I first heard that rule, it made me sit up and pay attention. I am totally on board with it at an intellectual level. But to make lasting changes, we need to deeply know and experience things at an emotional level, not just intellectually.

I couldn’t quite find a way to bridge that gap for myself. I knew it made sense for me to look after myself, both physically and mentally, but I struggled to feel it emotionally.

That was until the last week or so, when I started thinking of God as a divine spark within myself.

Now, I can feel that small piece of God-like potential within myself. And it’s changed my beliefs and the way I behave.

I am carrying a small piece of God within me. I can feel it in my chest. It’s the potential for me to become the very best version of myself.

This has profound consequences…

No matter what I think of myself right now, even if I struggle to believe I am “good enough” or worth looking after…

I have God inside me. And that divine spark deserves, maybe even demands that I treat it with proper respect.

Even if the body and mind I currently possess aren’t that great, they have a kind of infinite potential within them. That potential is Holy. It is sacred. And it would be morally wrong for me to not look after it properly.

This feeling, it’s providing me with motivation to exercise, to eat better, to meditate. These are all goals I’ve had for a long time, but have struggled to be consistent with.

My hope is that this feeling of reverence for my own potential – that will be enough for me to make big changes to my physical and mental health. I want to lose weight (fat). I want to get stronger.

I want to be more resilient, both physically and mentally. I want less anxiety, depression and addiction.

I know I’m not going to be perfect. I’m still going to slip up. But now I’ve got another powerful weapon in my arsenal of tools to improve my life.

Fingers crossed.

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