Questions About Mindfulness

Calling all meditation teachers and spiritual gurus!

I’m realising the importance of mindfulness in becoming the person I want to be. It seems to be a core ingredient in evolving my consciousness to the next level.

[Richard Dawkins has left the chat] đŸ˜‰

It also seems that mindfulness may just be a big part of the answer for massively reducing my suffering from depression and addiction issues.

I have quite a few questions… can you help answer them for me?

Is there a limit to how mindful you can be?

I used to think that I’d maybe use mindfulness just for 2-3 short moments per day. I imagined that I’d be feeling a bit stressed, anxious, depressed or otherwise lost in thought. And so I’d “check-in” with myself using mindfulness, which would help restore a sense of peace.

But now I’m wondering…

Is it possible to be mindful all the time?

I imagine people like Eckhart Tolle and the Dalai Lama have gotten pretty close. And when people are on a week-long meditation retreat, I imagine the goal is to be mindful for as much time as possible.

Can we be mindful and think at the same time?

Or will I shift out of mindfulness whenever I’m concentrating on thought? Are thinking and mindfulness mutually exclusive?

Is there an ideal ratio of thinking to mindfulness for optimal peace?

I imagine it’s impossible to prevent ourselves from thinking all of the time. Thinking is really useful! And it’s difficult to get anything done if you can’t ever think.

Would it be realistic to aim to be mindful for 50% of one’s waking moments, and engaged in productive thought for the other 50%?

How can I get better at distinguishing between productive and unproductive thoughts?

My assumption is that worrying and ruminating (obsessing about the past) are completely unproductive.

However planning (in a positive mindset) is clearly productive.

And reviewing the past in order to find lessons – that’s clearly productive too.

What other types of thoughts are there? And are they productive or unproductive?

Is it a reasonable goal to minimise all unproductive thoughts?

And would I want my default mode to be mindful? Or should I attempt to shift unproductive thoughts into more productive ones?

I’d love to know your thoughts and opinions on these matters. Please “leave a reply” in the comments section below.

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