This is My Kind of Philosophy

Recently I’ve been hearing about a kind of modern philosophy called “Integral”. It sounded kinda interesting, so I thought I’d check it out…

“The core of integral philosophy is simple (but not easy): every aspect of human knowledge, ever discovered, has some important piece of truth

“Everything is true, but only partially so: some aspects of human experience are radically wrong, but still have something to teach us. In other words, there must be a way to make sense of the grand total of all human knowledge and experience–from every culture, from every era, from every discipline.

“This “big picture view” is why integral philosophy is arguably one of the world’s most comprehensive ways of thinking about human evolution, knowledge, and the world around us that is available. Scholars have already applied it to over 60 different academic fields, sciences, and domains of human knowledge.

Part of an email from Robb Smith at Integral Life.

Hmmm, that sounds similar to the approach I’ve been trying to take – combining the most useful-seeming bits of Science, Spirituality and Religion.

It seems like these guys feel the same as I do: we humans too often throw the baby out with the bath water.

I’m keen to explore Integral Philosophy. I dare say there will be parts of it that I disagree with or otherwise aren’t for me. But that’s fine… that’s the whole point!

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