What’s Important

Things I’m doing less of…

  • Social media. I don’t have Instagram or Facebook. I’m very selective about what I watch on YouTube. I only check Reddit briefly.
  • Videogames. Real life is now more interesting to me than acting out a fantasy.
  • Porn. I used to think all men (and some women) used porn… and I thought it was perfectly normal and healthy. Now I’m convinced that porn is harmful for my psychology, energy levels and for my relationship with my wife. So I quit porn, cold turkey. I don’t miss it at all. I feel better for it.
  • Chasing after friendships which don’t feel balanced or meaningful. I have to ask myself if certain friendships are a worthwhile investment of my time. If they’re not… it’s time to let them go and do their own thing. Too many people have their heads up their own asses.
  • Beating myself up for my mistakes. It doesn’t help, it just makes everything worse.
  • Comparing myself to other people. It makes me feel terrible.
  • Binging on unhealthy foods, especially sugar. It might feel good for an hour, but I’ll feel much worse later.

Things I’m doing more of…

  • Reading books. I love expanding my mind, learning from the smartest and most successful people on the planet.
  • Building friendships with people who want the best for me. I’m part of a wonderful community of 12 Steps addicts in active recovery. They’re helping me become a better version of me. Hopefully I’m helping them too.
  • Trying to learn from every situation. Especially the bad ones.
  • Praying. I don’t ask God for favours or special treatment. Instead, I ask Him to show me how I can improve my life, and to give me the strength to achieve those things.
  • Comparing myself to who I was yesterday. How much have I improved my life over time? Where should I focus my attention next?
  • Viewing food as fuel. The food I choose to feed myself has a big impact on how good I feel about myself and my energy levels.

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