I’m Incredibly Dull… and I Love It

Jordan Peterson tells people to clean up their room. What he means is that if you’re looking for how to get some order in your chaotic life, cleaning your room is a great start.

I have an alternative suggestion: make your garden just a little more beautiful.

We only have a little garden, it’s not much. And I’m not a skilled gardener, not by a long shot.


I get excited by watching the quality of my lawn improve (we recently added clover into the lawn’s mix to increase its anti-dog endurance). I trimmed our hedges today and felt a bit like a sculptor, crafting away the excess growth to find pleasing shapes underneath. I picked up yellow autumnal leaves so they won’t cover the lawn and hinder its growth.

Look, I get it. Putting time and attention into your garden is the antithesis of gangster cool. But I don’t care. It felt therapeutic. It made me feel proud of myself. I did something useful instead of being stuck at my computer.

You don’t even need a garden… a window box will do. Heck, even looking after your houseplants can be satisfying.

Just do something which takes your attention outside of yourself. Be a little less selfish, less self-absorbed. Care for something or someone else.

It’ll make you feel better, I promise.

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