… AKA Why I Love Flume

Over on the Flume subreddit, it seems that Amber is a fan-favourite from his “Hi This Is Flume” mixtape release a few months ago. Even Flume himself said this track is special to him and will go in every single live set. He spent a long time getting the sounds just right.

(Watch & listen to the Amber music video on YouTube below)

According to the “Big 5” personality test (the most widely-respected way of describing someone’s personality according to modern psychology), I’m extremely high in Openness, I think the 98th or 99th percentile.

That means I’m very creative, which I do believe is the case (even if I didn’t believe I was creative at all until my late-20s).

I seek out novelty. I love new ideas, new sights, new sounds. I love exploring. And, on the other hand, convention bores me.

Flume reminds me a little of a modern-day Aphex Twin – exploring sounds, having fun.

He doesn’t give a fuck about sticking to musical conventions. In fact, he often seems to go out of his way to defy convention.

But he’s not an anarchist. His music isn’t just noise. It’s awesomely beautiful… and Amber is a fantastic example.

For me, Amber does that strange spiritual thing where it aligns all the components of my being… Mind, Body, Soul, Higher Self, Conscious, Unconscious… however you choose to describe them all.

It takes me to another place. It makes me feel like me – the best parts of myself.

I love Flume because his music makes me deeply happy.

I really hope I get to see him live one day soon.