Louis The Child Feat. K.Flay – It’s Strange (Candyland Remix)

This remix came to my attention this week thanks to Spotify’s awesome Discover Weekly playlist.

At first, I really didn’t like this song. I’m a huge fan of the original, but this remix seemed quite melancholy to me. It made me feel kinda sad.

But then, on my second or third listen, the lyrics suddenly stood out to me in a different way.

The song seems to be about romantic relationships between two people…

[Verse 1: K. Flay]
Heart been so cold that I don’t feel at all
Scarred up inside, so I built all these walls
My head rolling back, but I’m faking the rush
And out every night and I’m lonely as fuck

[Pre-Chorus: K. Flay]
I make my own rules and my own plans
I got no room for no man
That’s my way, that’s my way
Then I saw you in a dream, right
I wanna call you, a kind of feeling
I can’t name, I can’t name

[Chorus: K. Flay]
It’s strange
But I don’t need space from you
And every single thing you do, I like
I’ve been chaste
Maybe I just knew I had to wait for you
Draw a knife and carve a little space for you
It feels nice

[Hook: K. Flay]
It’s strange, but I don’t need space from you
And every single thing you do, I like

Lyrics from “It’s Strange” by Louis The Child

… but, what if… the lyrics could be about… my new-found relationship with God?

Now, the song takes on a whole different tone – one in which it feels appropriate for the music to have an austere beauty, almost a coldness.

The music in this remix now has very little happiness (compared to the original), but to me it does feel spiritual, from the soul, meaningful… deep.

And now I’ve found this new layer of deeply personal meaning, I absolutely love this remix.

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