Something Deeply Hidden

Yesterday, Something Deeply Hidden, the latest book by Sean Carroll, arrived through my letterbox. I started reading it last night and it’s fascinating. It’s all about theoretical physics and quantum mechanics AKA quantum theory.

The image on the front cover immediately reminded me of a vision I had during the peak of my psychosis symptoms.

Something Deeply Hidden – book cover

I have a drawing in a notebook which I was frantically writing in whenever I had another “insight”. It has some interesting similarities to Mr Carroll’s book cover.

Caveat: I’m fully aware it sounds bonkers for me to be taking seriously any “visions” I had whilst experiencing drug-induced psychosis. Maybe my “vision” was utterly meaningless, just an enjoyable hallucination. Or maybe there’s a kernel of truth to it, just like with August Kekulé’s dream about monkeys.

My vision concerned what happens when we travel through a black hole, past its event horizon and out the other side.

In my vision…

What lies on the other side of a black hole is a mirror-image black hole which leads to… the inside of another person’s mind.

Bollinger, R. (2019) (whilst experiencing drug-induced psychosis!)

The book cover above seems to show (at least to my imagination) that if you travel through a black hole, reaching a point of infinite density, you emerge into another Universe via a mirror-image black hole. And, in my vision, that other Universe was the inside of another person’s mind.

I’ve been trying to follow these ideas through to their logical conclusion… I visually imagine what happens when I travel through the black hole… and into someone else’s reality.

Somehow all humans are intrinsically linked… our realities are all closely intertwined and kinda looped together into some kind of mind-bending shape… maybe even something paradoxical like a Mobius Strip.

Look, trust me, I know how bonkers this sounds. And I’m fully aware that there may be some trivial ways to disprove my crazy hypothesis. So, for now, I’m treating it just as a bit of fun. And maybe at some point in the future, I’ll have good reason to either pursue the idea further or reject it as invalid.

I don’t even know if the book cover is meant to represent a pair of black holes. Maybe it’s more about quantum teleportation. Maybe those two concepts are actually synonymous in some way.

OK, enough crazy talk. I hope this post has entertained and amused you. Bye for now.