Perceptual representation, veridicality, and the interface theory of perception

OK, I’ll admit it, I only used this title to try to make me seem cleverer than I am 😀

It’s actually the title of this paper in the Psychonomic Bulletin & Review. If you’re wondering what on Earth “psychonomics” is, join the club! I’m feeling so dumb right now!

Earlier this morning, I posted in the subreddit “AskPhilosophy” about my current flexible / utilitarian belief system. I’ve never studied philosophy or psychology formally, but I wanted to know which serious philosophers have reached similar conclusions to me and whether these ideas have been advanced or debunked.

Someone replied with a link to the above paper.

You know you’re in for a hard time when you have to look up the meaning of every other word in a scientific paper!

I’ve not read it all yet, but here’s what I can briefly summise:

  • Yes, serious philosophers have advocated a world view similar to the one I’m currently attempting to embody. Surprisingly, this seems to be quite a modern view.
  • The paper’s author attempts to undercut and debunk this world view.
  • I have no idea of whether I agree or disagree with the paper’s author. I guess I need to read the paper (assuming I can understand it) and have a good think about it.

Wish me luck!