Am I an Addict?

Yesterday, I started doubting whether I’m an addict. Today I’m 100% convinced again that I am.

At my 12 Steps meeting last night, a wonderful woman stopped me and gave me the following advice:

“If you ever start doubting if you’re an addict, go read that leaflet “Am I an Addict?” and answer the questions in it. If you answer just one question with a ‘yes’, then you probably are.”

Woman, W. (2019)

She’s absolutely right.

I’ve just re-answered those questions for myself. I answered yes to 20 out of the 29 questions. I’d say that’s pretty definitive.

I was tempted to reproduce the questions here, but the leaflet is copyrighted and I’d prefer to avoid legal trouble.

If you’re interested in what the questions are, my suggestion would be to attend a local 12 Steps meeting (it’s not hugely important which type of fellowship you attend) and ask for a copy of the “Am I an Addict?” leaflet.