Thank You for Calling Me Stupid

[Last updated 15/09/19: Minor updates for clarity & style]

This blog post is addressed to a now ex-friend (and his girlfriend).

You’ve called me stupid, repeatedly, for what I’ve posted on this blog.

What you really mean by “stupid” is that I don’t look at the world in the same narrow way as you. Don’t you see how arrogant that makes you?

I get it. You’re scared. You’re always so worried about the public’s perception of you. To you, the worst thing in the world would be to appear stupid. You’re terrified about saying the wrong thing. And you find it extremely difficult to admit to your mistakes or even just consider the possibility you might be wrong. You’ve been this way for as long as I’ve known you.

And so you cover up your insecurities by always trying to be the smartest guy in the room. A lot of the time you are, but sometimes you really aren’t.

I’ve now realised: all this time it was just you projecting your own fears onto me.

But also, I get the impression you’re actually faintly embarrassed to be associated with me.

Some support might be nice

Now that I think about it, you’ve rarely given much support to any of my creative endeavours. You always find a way to make me doubt myself, make me feel like I’m not doing (or being) good enough to meet your high standards.

You publicly reviewed my first book by saying I just got lucky by asking lots of women to sleep with me. WTF?!

No mate, I actually do have some charm and skill at flirting (at least when I’m feeling confident). Why is that so hard for you to believe? Perhaps you were just jealous that my love life at the time was much more exciting and varied than yours?

Why is it so hard for you to give me credit? Why do you always have to be better than me? Why do you have to keep putting me down, often in quite sly ways?


I’m actually really grateful to you for calling me stupid based on my writing over the last month or so. I feel it’s some of my best work yet – and several of my readers concur.

It’s both disappointing and amusing that someone of your intellect resorts to ad hominem attacks against me personally, rather than coming up with specific counter-arguments for the ideas I’ve asserted.

I don’t write for you as my target audience. I write mainly for myself, and I trust that my work will resonate with the right people. So far, that’s exactly what’s happened.

How I feel about you

I really don’t care any more about you or your haughty, condescending opinions.

You used to be someone I respected and admired. I looked up to you. Sadly, you rarely reciprocated. I don’t quite understand why.

You’re now “too busy” even to pay me the basic courtesy of listening to my point of view about my recent mental health issues. Instead, you choose to lecture me based on your own narrow-minded assumptions about me. What kind of a friend does that? And when did you become such an expert on mental illness anyway?

YOU should be the one clamouring to be friends with someone as cool, awesome and fearless as ME. Not vice versa.


The very best thing about you calling me stupid is that you’ve helped me become even more fearless…

If I can handle one of my oldest and closest (ex-)friends sneering at my best work (not just once, but multiple times), then I can definitely handle any kind of criticism the general public might throw at me.

Thank you for making me stronger and more fearless.

(In case I haven’t made it abundantly clear, our friendship has been permanently and irrevocably prorogued).


Oh and thank you for wishing me good luck preventing 9/11. What you fail to realise is that it was you (and your girlfriend) who caused it! See my Twin Towers blog post for details.

9/11 truly was an inside job.


For a glimpse at a much better way for how the above events could have unfolded, check out my next post, Person First.

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