Remember my strange ramblings about AT Fields? I’m more confident than ever that they’re real. I can almost feel my AT Field switching between modes.

Previously, I talked about there being (at least) two types of AT Field: a gentle, soft Awareness; and a focussed, hard Attention.

I’ve also been thinking about how Love might relate to AT Fields.

When we’re using Attention, it forces Fear and everything else outside the AT Field. It’s like a powerful weapon.

But Love seems to allow AT Fields to merge together. It’s almost the opposite of Attention – it pulls people together like gravity, rather than forcing them apart like Fear.

Love is when the opposite poles of two magnets pull them together. Fear (at the outside edge of Attention) is when two of the same magnetic pole repel each other.

When two people love each other, their psychological ego barriers dissolve and they merge – instead of being two distinct people, they’re much more like a single entity composed of two halves.

Their combined AT field is even stronger than their individual ones, it’s fantastic at pushing Fear out and away from the cores of their being.

But I don’t think this merged state is stable. It can only exist for a short time. Each person’s core is dependent on the other, which is not particularly healthy. Sooner or later, they must separate again, or risk destroying each other.

The final evolution of love is inter-dependence. This is where each individual has separated and returned to their own AT Fields. But now they are closely linked and co-operate reciprocally and harmoniously.

That’s Love’s final form. Two people, each with their own identities and separate AT Fields, but bound together by a golden thread of love, trust, respect, admiration and co-operation.

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