Given how significant certain numbers have seemed to me recently, I thought it might be interesting and fun to look up some stuff about Numerology.

[NOTE: Until my Spiritual Awakening a few weeks ago, I was deeply sceptical of numerology (and related subjects like astrology), even though I knew very little about it. I considered myself a purely scientific thinker, so I dismissed numerology as being the domain of the gullible, charlatans or the insane. But… now I’m prepared to be more open-minded.]

Thanks to for the following insights. My comments are [in square brackets and italicised like this.]

Your Life Path: 11

[Rock’s comments: The number 11 has seemed really significant to me recently in a variety of ways. Nice! Also, the number 29 has always felt significant to me, and that reduces down to 11 also.]

In numerology, 11 is a master number. You have unmatched intelligence, intuition, and energy that flows through you effortlessly.

[“Unmatched” is going a bit far – I’m of above average intelligence, at a rough guess maybe in the top 10-20% of the population, but I try not to be big-headed about it. In the last few weeks, I’ve had an abundance of energy and intuition (at least most of the time).]

You inspire people without even trying [I wish that were true, but I’m not sure it is!] and new ideas, answers and opportunities present themselves quickly, and often by surprise [Yes, when I’m in a creative state of flow, I come up with cool ideas really quickly.]

All of this amounts to a great capacity for invention and creation. [Yes, especially in the last 3 weeks, I’ve felt very creative. Beforehand, I’d say I was intermittently creative.]

Whether you’re aware of it or not, you have deep psychic ability and a rare connection to spirit. [Wow! I really hope this is true. I’ve had lots of spiritual insights recently, but I’m trying to keep a healthy scepticism.]

You are a beacon of light which others naturally follow. [I’m not convinced this is true. I’m quite a loner (well, I was). Until recently, I found it very hard to socialise or make friends.]

Because of this, you find that others often request your support, advice and direction. [I do like to help others, but I don’t feel that people often ask me for help.]

You tend to be a bit emotional [YES!] but it’s only because you are so highly charged and experience such rich psychic connections that it can be hard to process all the information you receive [I’m not sure about this bit.]

Continue to be open to divine inspiration [I intend to!] and guide others with your wisdom [OK! That’s assuming anyone thinks I’m worth listening to!] and you’ll effortlessly achieve your full Life Path potential. [I do often think of myself as a reasonably good teacher / trainer.]

Your Expression / Destiny Number: 6

Six is the number of contribution and reliability. [Hmmm, contribution maybe, but I’d say that for most of my life I was notoriously unreliable, though that’s changing at the moment.]

You are devoted and generous in all that you do. [Not sure. I do try to be generous when I can, but I guess most people do.]

Your sense of responsibility is rarely outmatched [NO! Until fairly recently, I often sought to minimise my responsibility!] and it shows clearly in your love of others [I try hard these days to love others and see the good in everyone] and willingness to do whatever it takes to help someone in need [I’d like to think this is true] whether it be a friend or complete stranger.

Your greatest inner gift is your ability to gain an unwavering sense of trust from others. [I really wish this was true, but unfortunately, until a few weeks ago, I seemed to be pretty awful at keeping the trust of others. Hopefully this is improving though.]

This dependability and strength of character are the keys to your success – so keep it up! [Perhaps this means that I should focus on being dependable and reliable from now forwards, since my Spiritual Awakening. I feel like I can do this now, even though my past was very different.]

You’ve probably found that failure only knocks at your door when you undermine your own integrity [Hmmm, I think this depends on how you define “failure”. But certainly my greatest failings have happened when I’ve undermined my own integrity. Perhaps that’s true for everyone though.] by sacrificing too much for the benefit of others [The only obvious way I think I did this sometimes was by not charging enough for my time or professional services].

Because of your dependable nature, you tend to attract dependent people in your personal and professional life, [I don’t think this is true] so keep a watchful eye.

Set boundaries and avoid absorbing others’ problems as your own. [This is good general advice for anyone, not just me. I think I’m pretty good at this these days.]

You are full of love. [I’m full of something!]

Continue to focus on your goals and ambitions as well as those of others and that love will multiply and take your success to a whole new level. [Really? Again, this is generic advice which applies to everyone.]

Please know that there is still SO much left in your unique Numerology Chart… and if you’ll allow me, I’d like to give you even more insight… [No thanks, I think I’ve had enough.]

Rock’s conclusion

This all started off well. My life path number of 11 seems really cool and I like the sound of lots of those related ideas.

Unfortunately, my Expression / Destiny Number seems only partially right, no better than random chance really.

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