Dead Wood -> New Life

Sometimes you have to cut away the dead wood in order for life to thrive.

Sometimes wildfire is needed to clear the path for new growth.

After obsessing almost non-stop over the unpleasant Twin Towers event last night, I’m now ready to move on.

This morning I’ve had a good chat with my Dad. I’ve also spoken with my 12 Steps sponsor.

What’s done is done and it’s time for me to just accept it, even though I don’t like what’s happened. This has all unfolded as it was meant to. What will be, will be.

I have forgiven the others involved. And I’ve forgiven myself.

A few hours ago, my heart felt heavy and I was exhausted. But now a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I feel free. I have a second wind of energy despite almost no sleep last night. Thank you, God / Higher Power.

Now it’s time to leave the past behind and look forward… I want to concentrate on my next big project.

I’m going to create the videogame I’ve been wanting to make.

I’ve seen several signs over the last few days which seem to be encouraging me to be brave and aim high.

Is there a risk I might fail and look stupid? Yes, but I’m willing to try.

Do I have the skills to do it? Not yet, but I’m willing to learn.

Do I have the money to buy the VR kit? No, so I’ll start with the mouse-only version.

Do I have the determination to try my absolute best at this? You bet I do!

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