My Super Powers… Are Back!

After my Spiritual Awakening on the 13th Aug, I was magically gifted a set of super powers (AKA drug-induced psychosis). Over the next 2-3 weeks, these powers gradually faded and I returned (more or less) to my usual self.

Today, several of the positive effects came back strongly:

  • A strong sense that my life has purpose and that I’m in exactly the right place at the right time, doing the right thing.
  • Strong sense of motivation and direction.
  • Physical sensations: like my brain is glowing (especially in my forehead); it feels like there’s a long metal bar going horizontally through my skull, from temple to temple (it feels pleasant!); there’s a kind of soft echo to my breath and hand movements, which religious people might interpret as The Holy Spirit; my limbs feel lighter.
  • I feel especially tuned in to what feels meaningful to me.
  • It feels like all aspects of my being are aligned: physical, mental, unconscious, soul, higher self (some of these may be synonyms for each other).
  • I’m aligned with the 3 spiritual principles of Truth, Courage and Love.
  • My ability to concentrate is strengthened.
  • Creative ideas and insights occur to me in a much higher volume than usual.
  • I feel like I can easily enter the state of ‘flow‘.
  • Colours seem brighter.

The biggest downside is that I need to keep reminding myself to focus on the right thing at the right time… I was so absorbed in thought earlier that I absent-mindedly did a couple of things which put the health of one of our dogs at risk. Luckily we think he’s going to be OK, but that kind of mistake is really serious and the consequences could have been much worse.

So, my ability to pay attention may be super strong, but I still need to direct it to the right place at any given moment. I need to watch out for this.

If I lose these super powers again (which seems quite likely), how do I tap into them again later?

Great question. I think the following activities are all closely linked to entering the flow state:

  • Listening closely to my favourite music (currently it’s mostly Flume)
  • Using a gentle, relaxed Awareness to notice the things which feel meaningful to me.
  • Using my Attention to “tune in” to those meaningful things, turning potential into reality.

When I do the above, my super powers (sometimes) come back. I shall keep experimenting with this. Fingers crossed I can replicate these results at will, moving forward.

That would truly be tremendous.

So, What Now?

I feel I have a moral obligation to make the most of these abilities.

I’m going to:

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