[UPDATE: Want to see something spooky?]

For the last couple of years, Flume has been my favourite music producer. He has a very unique, kinda weird sound. For me, he’s totally reinvigorated dance music, injecting emotional energy into our unconscious minds.

“It’s not hyperbole to say Flume is a creative genius.”

Bollinger, R. (2019)

And last night he dropped a 5 minute Mini Mix on Annie Mac’s BBC Radio 1 show called This Is 4/4.

I love it!

It includes the tune Badd by Dark Sky, which coincidentally I added to my Spotify favourites just a few weeks ago.

The Mini Mix also includes Flume‘s own Let You Know, released a couple of months ago, which is just fucking epic, FACT.

Annie also revealed that Flume has been working on a new project which will be revealed soon. I simply cannot wait. SO EXCITED!

If you’d like to hear more of Flume‘s work, I highly recommend his own playlist on Spotify, This Is: Flume. It includes pretty much his entire back catalogue!

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