[UPDATE 07/09/19: Just remembered… I had a dream a few nights ago where I was setting my watch to 4:44.

And, just now, on my WordPress stats page… check out the vertical column of 444.

It also looks a bit like the number 11 is on the left (two thick blue bars). Apparently when 444 is with 11, it’s a magic reinforcement.]

My WordPress stats page, 21:19 on 07/09/2019

At the peak of my Spiritual Awakening around Thursday 22nd August 2019, I kept seeing a certain number everywhere…


During the course of one evening, I must have seen this number at least 7 times. Every time I saw these three number 4s, the numbers seemed to be bright and glowing, they were standing out so much to me.

I was blown away by this, so I WhatsApp’d a friend of mine who I knew was into Numerology (that’s how I know the date this happened).

After a while, I realised (intuited?) it actually seemed to be 44 followed shortly afterwards by another 4.

I had no idea what this all meant, only that it felt very significant to me.

Bear in mind, I had been experiencing drug-induced psychosis for about 9 days by this point. Make of that what you will.

Earlier today, I blogged about Flume’s Mini Mix, which aired on BBC Radio 1 last night. Flume has been my favourite music producer for the last couple of years. Here’s the Radio 1 website:

Flume’s Mini Mix from Annie Mac’s show on BBC Radio 1

Notice anything? Let’s look closer…


Also, I’ve just noticed… at the start of the mix, Annie Mac says:

“…So he’s done us a Mini Mix that is 4/4, which is significant…”

Annie Mac

Just a coincidence? Probably…

… But also very cool.

[UPDATE 08/09/2019: After a quick bit of Googling, one of the possible meanings of seeing 444 everywhere is that you’re experiencing a Spiritual Awakening. That’s exactly what I believe has been happening to me for the last few weeks.]

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