Stuart by maxime. & LoneMoon

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As I was collating my favourite tunes for my 2-hour playlist called SoulMelt, this tune, Stuart by maxime, stood out.

It’s probably my second-favourite tune on the playlist, after Places by Catnip Cloud.

I’m not going to go in-depth analysing the music this time. Instead, I’m just going to quote my favourite section of the lyrics. I love them!

“…I got the goals,
I don’t need diamonds and gold, but,
I could earn it if I go,
Harder than steel,
Bitch, I go harder than coal, and,
I’m made of iron, that’s why I don’t fold,
I’m cold, I’m like 200 below,
Heart is so broken it’s froze,
I wouldn’t know…”

Stuart by maxime. & LoneMoon

This is another tune I can listen to over and over again. So cool!

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