Reasons to Get Out of Bed

If you’ve ever been clinically depressed, you’ve probably been through phases where it’s difficult to make yourself get out of bed. Life feels pointless, you can’t think of any activities which seem worthwhile.

Heck, you don’t even have to be depressed to want to stay in bed! Maybe you simply hate your job and are only doing it for the money.

This morning as I lay in bed, now that the superpowers from my Awakening have faded, I noticed some old and familiar feelings and thoughts.

I felt very tired and groggy, a little dizzy. I had a headache. I couldn’t immediately think of any good reasons why I should get out of bed. I’d had some disturbing dreams which left residual emotions of sadness and confusion.

By contrast, at the peak of my Awakening a couple of weeks ago, I was springing out of bed, full of enthusiasm, a list of all the things I wanted to accomplish that day floating around in my mind.

Back to this morning: as I remembered how great I felt two weeks ago, I felt even more sad. I started to feel sorry for myself.

Thankfully, quite quickly I reminded myself that allowing myself to be a passive victim is not helpful at all. I have to take personal responsibility for my life. I have to try to make things better for myself and my family in small ways every day.

That was enough to spur me out of bed. I made myself a strong coffee and waited for the grogginess to fade. I reached out to some new friends from my 12 Steps fellowship to ask for support. They responded quickly and with kindness and understanding. One guy even phoned me a bit later this morning and we had a really good chat which left us both feeling better.

An hour after getting out of bed, I was feeling tonnes better. I’d found some meaningful things to put my attention onto.

Whenever you project your mental energy outside of yourself and onto an a task which feels important, it gets you out of those vicious negative thoughts which can swirl around in your head. The devil makes his playground from idle thumbs (or however the saying goes).

My Life’s Purpose

From being depressed, suicidal and without any discernible purpose at the very lowest points of my life, I’d say there’s a good chance I’m now at the very best point in my entire life. There are so many things which feel important and are competing for my attention.

In no particular order:

  • Looking after my wife, my dogs and my home. (My wife is easily the most important thing in my life).
  • Exploring the intersection of Science, Spirituality and Religion, looking for deeper truths which can help people to lead meaningful lives.
  • Looking after my own mental, physical and spiritual health. This is a pre-requisite for everything else.
  • Continuing to build and refine a set of daily habits which support my happiness and health.
  • Regularly taking part in a 12 Steps fellowship, as other addicts and I gather together to try to save our own lives and each other’s.
  • Helping others. At the moment I’m spending a lot of time on the subreddit for Jordan Peterson, responding to people who are looking for help or advice. I’m trying to remain humble and open-minded as I do this. I really want to avoid giving inappropriate advice. I’ll keep trying to strike the right balance here.
  • [Optional] Creating a videogame based on music.
  • Keeping on top of my pile of Amazon reviews (I receive free products in exchange for honest reviews).
  • … and probably several other things I’ve missed off.

So yeah… I’d say I have quite a few reasons to get out of bed each morning!

If you’re struggling to find reasons to get out of bed in the morning, might I respectfully suggest this methodology for Sorting Your Life Out, which is based on several of Jordan Peterson’s ideas.

And if you’re feeling so low and hopeless that suicide is seeming like a valid option, please watch this short video.

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