Graphic: Tidy Your Room v2

From Jordan Peterson’s YouTube videos, I picked up the rough process of 1 and 2. And recently I’ve been thinking lots about Awareness and Attention and they just seemed to fit. And it occurred to me that we need to use Truth to help us do step 1 correctly (Tell the truth or at least don’t lie). And then it occurred to me that we needed Courage to do step 2 correctly (Face the dragon voluntarily). That’s when I published version 1 earlier today [on 27/08/2019].

The size, shape and colours of the 3 large shapes were inspired by the concept of AT Fields in the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion (yes, honestly!) Just like with The Lion King and many other stories, that anime seems to tell us some powerful and useful ideas about reality.

As I’ve been thinking about 1 and 2, it just felt like something was missing… a third component. I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the 3 principles of Truth, Courage and Love. Actually, I got those 3 from the videogame Ultima IV (believe it or not!)

So, I asked myself, if I’m going to add in LOVE as a third step, what’s the practical manifestation of love? The closest concept I could come up with was Acceptance. I also realised that often after doing step 2, I feel kinda burned out, maybe even a little depressed. But having compassion for myself and using mindfulness in step 3 returns me back to an even keel.

I must admit, I also really like the fact that all 3 steps begin with the letter A. It all just feels kinda right to me.

All feedback/suggestions welcomed.


  1. […] A very hard, strong, narrow attention. It’s almost indestructible. I see it projected as a thin wedge in front of us. When we focus our attention this narrowly, we exclude everything outside the AT field from entering our conscious awareness. This is the kind of attention you have when you are sharply focussed on a task, e.g. reading an engrossing book. It can also be used in combat, like UNIT 01 and the angels do.If I had to assign a colour to this AT field, I’d say it’s red/orange. It’s very much a bright colour and it feels very solid. You can see it (or at least the front edge of it) in the screenshot at the top of this page.And at the point where this AT field hits another AT field, that’s where we see that sheet of glass that seems to be made of concentric octagons. I don’t yet understand why it’s an octagon. Is that purely a part of the fiction of the anime series, or does the number 8 have something important to do with attention and conflict?[UPDATE: A friend has pointed out that the symbol for the number 8 is very close to the symbol for infinity, just rotated 90 degrees. This could be relevant in some way.] [UPDATE 28/08/2019: I now believe that infinity is the combination of Truth, Love and Courage. This idea comes from the videogame Ultima IV. I’ve also included infinity in my graphic for Tidy Your Room.] […]


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