[Last updated 27/08/19]

I have so many questions, which are the beginnings of hypotheses. I may be able to figure out the answer to some of them, given enough time. But for now, I’m simply list the questions here. I’ll come back and update this list regularly.

As I start finding (what seem like) answers, I’ll move items from this page onto my summary of my beliefs.

Is God more like a human, or more like Fate?

Is God lonely?

How can humans merge their AT Fields? Is that what we mean by “love”?

Is Fear the opposite of Love? Does an AT Field consisting of Fear repel other AT Fields, keeping us separate from other people?

What’s the significance of solar/lunar eclipses; and the sun, moon and Earth more generally?

If any system seems probabilistic in nature (such as quantum theory), does that mean we simply need to drill down another level to see with sufficient granularity?

Was the Old Testament founded on the principles of Truth and Courage? And at that point was Judaism (mostly) missing the viral third component: Love… until Jesus arrived?

Are my attempts to adhere to the spiritual principles of Truth, Love and Courage the reasons why I survived my encounter with psychosis? I seem to have emerged into something approximating Heaven, whereas maybe people lacking in the 3 principles are much more at risk of their psychosis turning into Hell?

Under what special circumstances can human souls make the needle jump on the LP record of life to a different position… akin to a different place on the timeline of their own existence? Is this what we mean by time travel? Does it take a “miracle” AKA divine intervention?

If aliens are real, why haven’t we seen a proliferation of photographic evidence now that almost everyone carries a smartphone?

If you have any ideas/hunches/intuitions on the above, please feel free to share in the comments!

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