What Do You Believe?

[Last updated 27/08/19]

I’m so incredibly grateful for the non-stop torrent of creativity and inspiration which has been flowing through me for the last 10 days or so.

I’m thinking of so many ideas, linking together concepts in new ways, and gaining deeper insights.

Here’s a summary of some of my current beliefs. They are very much subject to change. I’m constantly re-assessing what I think I know, trying to stay aligned with the Truth.

Each of the beliefs below is worthy of a blog post in its own right, but that will take quite some time. So, for now, I’ll simply list the beliefs. And as I write blog posts on them, I shall link through to them from this post. I guess that makes this post a kind of Contents Page for my beliefs.

Do you share any of these same beliefs? If so, which ones?

Fate (or Destiny) is real… but humans still have a limited form of Free Will. The trick is in knowing how to harness each of these concepts to make your life easier.

Everything happens for a reason. I’m not sure if that reason was pre-conceived by a divine being, or if it’s something more mechanistic and blind, such as Fate.

I am always in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing

… but I still need to constantly keep checking on myself to ensure I don’t stray from The Path of righteousness.

You cannot change the past, therefore regrets are pointless. Just learn what you can from experiences and move on.

It’s worth holding a belief purely for its utilitarian value, even if we suspect it may not objectively be true.

The reality we perceive as existing outside of our bodies is actually a mirror image of the inside of our minds.

God exists, but I’m not sure of His exact form. He may be closer to Fate/Destiny. It feels like there’s certainly some kind of Higher Power.

Most holy books, like The Bible, are packed with symbolism which requires interpretation. Taking Biblical stories literally is (usually) foolish.

The best works of art speak deeply to our souls and tell us something important about life and reality.

Music is deeply integrated into the fabric of our reality. It’s the opposite of superficial.

It’s best to tell the truth (or at least don’t lie). We should do this both with ourselves and with other people.

Intellectual humility is essential. Every day we should inventory what we’ve done well that day, what mistakes we’ve made, and how we plan to do better tomorrow.

The opposite of humility is pride (or arrogance). It’s the feeling that you already know everything you need to know about a particular subject. It’s closed-mindedness. And Pride makes Spirituality and Humility impossible.

Others are your mirror. In other words, your thoughts, feelings and opinions about other people often say more about your own beliefs and prejudices than they do about the other person.

Death and rebirth (symbolised by an ankh) is a real process which is happening all around us in many different ways, constantly. (I also have an intuition about the shape(s) of a human life.)

I have a hunch that there’s something deeply meaningful about eclipses, both solar and lunar. I believe they may be profoundly symbolic in some way. The sun, moon and Earth are all very special.

By focussing your attention on what seems meaningful to you, meaningful tasks will begin to reveal themselves to you.

To make your life meaningful, discover your values and live in alignment with them.

Truth, Courage and Love are perhaps at the very foundation of morality and meaning.

If you want to lead a Good life, voluntarily taking on The Quest of The Avatar is not a bad place to start.

You will repeat mistakes in your life over and over until you have learned the lesson you were meant to learn.

When humans work together in harmony, something really powerful and beautiful happens.

Attention is one of the most powerful weapons in your spiritual arsenal.

Awareness is also very powerful.

Together, the twin attributes of Attention and Awareness are the keys to walking a Spiritual Path.

The Beliefs of The Avatar – Bollinger, R. 2019

I promise to keep coming back and updating this page as I add further blog posts and discuss different ideas.

What do you believe? I’m curious… please feel free to comment below.

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