The Universe Experiencing Itself

One of the more bizarre intuitions I’ve had recently involves the relationship between reality (or at least our perception of it) and the inside of our minds.

I wondered if there was something like a “plane of glass” which separates the inside of our minds from reality. And that glass might actually be a mirror.

I’ve just sent a letter to New Scientist magazine describing my ideas along these lines.

My intuitions may be complete nonsense, merely some kind of imaginative fever dream. Or… I might be on to something.

Here’s the full contents of the letter I just wrote:

Re: [New Scientist] article titled “Quantum weirdness isn’t real – we’ve just got space and time all wrong” (21 Aug 2019). [Full article only available to NS subscribers, sadly.]

What if the reality we perceive outside of our minds is in some fundamental way much closer to a mirror image of the inside of our minds?

This is an intriguing concept. In that case, each human soul might literally be The Universe experiencing itself.

Conveniently, it may also solve the Hard Problem of Consciousness… we didn’t evolve consciousness because it confers evolutionary survival value per se.

Rather, we are conscious simply because that’s a fundamental property of The Universe, of which our minds are a mirror image.

Bollinger, R. 2019

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