Back in 2014, a talented musician by the name of Porter Robinson released a 2 hour mix on BBC Radio 1. It contained an eclectic range of Porter’s favourite electronica, curated carefully over several months.

That mix has a special place in my heart. It’s still probably my favourite ever Essential Mix, 5 years later. It’s just so original-sounding. The music has so much emotional depth, so much soul.

My favourite thing in the world is to lie down on my bed, listening to music on a pair of high quality headphones. I just allow my mind to drift off into the music. I’d estimate I’ve done that over 100 times to this mix. It feels timeless to me.

[UPDATE 07/09/2019: Porter’s mix includes several tunes by the musical genius, Flume. Check out my blog post from today about Flume’s music.]

Listen to Porter’s Essential Mix via SoundCloud below.

porter robinson – bbc radio 1 – 2 hour essential mix

Now, it’s my turn. I’ve created a spiritual successor to Porter’s mix, using my own current favourite tunes.

N.B. For clarity, my mix below is neither recommended nor endorsed by Porter Robinson or the BBC. It’s not got much to do with them really, other than they were the inspiration.

I call this mix SoulMelt. It’s packed with emotion. It’s a journey into the soul. From within your unconscious, this music is capable of harmonising your mind, body and soul with your higher self (at least I think so).

A 2 hour electronica mix of soul-melting proportions
by yours truly, Rock Bollinger

Listening Instructions: My mix is a 2 hour playlist on Spotify. I strongly recommend logging in to Spotify to listen, otherwise you’ll only get a 30 second clip of each track.

You can listen for free (with ads) or listen ad-free with Spotify Premium. You can either listen to the tracks in the order they’re listed, or for a bit more variety, hit the Shuffle button (that’s what I usually do). I also recommend having Spotify’s crossfade setting set to around 7-10 seconds so you don’t get so much silence in-between tracks.

There’s so much I could write about each of these tracks and what they mean to me. Perhaps sometime I will do.

As far as I’m concerned, the absolute jewel in the crown of this mix is Places by Catnip Cloud and Tiril Hognestad. I’ve analysed in-depth why I love this tune so much in this blog post.

So… let me know what you think! Please feel free to comment below.

Full track listing

  • Set Mind – ZES
  • Informal Disco – Amtrac
  • Little by Blittle – Lane 8
  • Personal Space – Yotto
  • October – Icarus
  • Apolune – Jesper Ryom
  • Sorrow Doesn’t Resurrect – Ark Patrol
  • Bluebird – Lane 8, Anderholm
  • Warning – Dirt Monkey
  • Migrate – Space Gang
  • Places – Catnip Cloud, Tiril Hognestad (click link to read my thoughts about this tune)
  • Stuart – maxime., LoneMoon (click link to read my thoughts about this tune)
  • Easy – Couros
  • Panic – Shagabond
  • Mayk Yu Myne? – 1991
  • With / Out Her – Pham
  • Lights – Neus
  • milky skittles – Manatee Commune
  • Fulfill / The Dream – Esbe
  • 4never – CRAY
  • Closure – Flowen
  • Monday – Mux Mool
  • Iroh – Sonn
  • Apollo – Tourist
  • The End – Petit Biscuit

(25 songs, 1 hr 54 min)

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