Science vs Religion vs Spirituality

Do you consider yourself to be a scientific thinker?

Or are the foundations of your beliefs rooted in one of the larger religions such as Christianity or Judaism?

… Or, do you consider yourself to be a Spiritual person?

Is it possible to be all three?

One of the curious aspects of Christianity is the sheer plethora of different churches, all with slightly different beliefs. Each one believes it is the One and Only True Faith, and all others are heretics, who often must be put to death.

Why is it so common for people of Faith A to totally reject other churches & faiths, even if 90%+ of their beliefs are the same?

Why do humans so often focus on what’s different, rather than what we have in common?

My gut feeling is that this has something to do with tribalism. Humans innately separate other people into us vs them.

We only have to look at the supporters of rival sports teams to see how powerful tribalism can be in our culture.

But it seems to me that tribalism often causes more harm than good.

They are not like us. Heathens! We must separate ourselves from them. And if they (appear to) threaten us, we will destroy them utterly.

But… what if, instead of:

Science Vs Religion Vs Spirituality

We chose to look at:

Science ∩  Religion ∩  Spirituality

(The ∩  symbol means “intersection”. It’s a concept from set theory.)

Intersection (set theory). The red portion is the intersection between the 3 smaller circles.

If we were to look for and analyse commonalities between Science, Religion and Spirituality, what common themes or principles would we find?

Assuming we find some of these common themes… does the fact they appear in all 3 belief systems indicate something about how true the idea may be, at a fundamental level?

Could there be a root-level belief system that’s even deeper than science, religion or spirituality; which contains elements from all three? Are there deeper truths? If so, what are they?

I find this question fascinating, so I’m going to explore it in detail in future blog posts. Watch this space.

I’m sure I can’t be the first person in history to ponder this question. I’ll have to do some research to check out the findings of other thinkers.


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