Other People

You’ll have probably heard the phrase, “Other people are your mirror.” Do you think it’s true?

I’m increasingly feeling that it’s true. At least, it feels true for me. (Everyone is on their own path and has their own truths).

In case you’re not sure what the phrase means, let me explain. It’s the idea that what you see in other people also tells you a lot about yourself.

Much of the time, until very recently, I haven’t liked most other people. What does that say about how I feel about myself? Well, I now believe it means that there were lots of parts of myself that I didn’t like.

I often avoid other people. Sometimes this is because they seem annoying or boring (Sorry, but I’m trying to be honest. And this doesn’t mean people are annoying or boring, it’s just my perception of them at that moment in time).

Sometimes it’s because I don’t feel much connection with other people – I don’t feel they’d be able to relate to a lot of the things I think or feel. Sometimes (and this is a bit hard for me to admit), it’s because I’m scared of other people.

What do these things say about my relationship with myself?

Often I find myself annoying, or boring. Often I feel isolated, both from my true nature, and from the outside world. Often I don’t understand myself. And often, I’ve been scared of myself.

The good news is that this is changing… as I feel more sociable, it’s partly because I have greater self-esteem and I like myself more.

When I find myself being more interested in other people, it’s partly because I’ve been finding myself more interesting. I’ve been more curious, paying closer attention, feeling delight at finding things which were hiding in plain sight.

As I feel less afraid of myself (specifically the darker/evil parts of my nature), I feel less afraid of other people.

As I’m better able to form connections and build rapport with others, I’m forming stronger bonds and connections with myself.

How do you feel about other people? What (if anything) does that say about your feelings towards yourself?

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