Coming Soon: Potentially a Crap Idea

[UPDATE: Check out my first attempt at this idea here.]

Don’t ask me where exactly this idea came from. Actually… do.

For a while I’ve had the belief that a lot of cool, innovative ideas are born from the marriage of two or more very different ones.

I think it may have been James Altucher who coined the term, “idea sex“. And I’ve seen similar strategies suggested in various books about creativity.

So here’s my idea of two unlikely halves…

A podcast/radio show which combines two of my deepest loves:
1) electronic/dance music with an emotional soul;
2) chatting about personal development, psychology etc.

The risk is that the first part limits me to such an incredibly niche audience that I’d already only have 0.5 listeners… on a good day… and that half-person would be in a coma and only “listening” thanks to a fault with the radio in their hospital room.

But hey, it’ll be fun. I enjoy discovering and collating my favourite music, even if I’m the only witness.

And if anyone sticks around long enough to endure my taste in music, they may just learn something interesting from the intellectual chats (which I may well end up having with only myself).

Watch this space for the impending birth of my musical philosophical hybrid baby. “Oh look, it’s a genius!”

[UPDATE: Check out my first attempt at this idea here.]

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