I can tell I’m getting older… I’m starting to care about the quality of my garden lawn. Spending time in nature makes me happy and recently I’ve been paying closer attention to it.

I used to think that the best lawns consisted only of pure grass. If any weeds disrupted the purity, that was a sign of failure as a gardener.

But it’s actually quite difficult to maintain a lawn at golf fairway standards. It takes a lot of time and effort. This is especially true if you own dogs – their wee burns the grass, leaving nasty brown patches.

Friends have mentioned having lawns made from moss, or even clover. But aren’t those weeds?

I thought that in nature you had good plants and bad plants… and the bad plants were called weeds. Turns out that’s not true at all.

A weed is simply any plant that’s growing where you don’t want it.

There’s no good vs bad. This has been a revelation for me!

Moss and clover actually have some advantages over grass – they can grow successfully where grass struggles. Plus, they’re much better at tolerating dog wee.

So it makes sense to me to have a lawn that’s a mixture of grass, clover, moss and maybe some other “weeds”. This will create quite a natural looking lawn, like you’d find on almost any public land. It also means I no longer need to use harsh chemicals to maintain an unnaturally pure grass lawn.

From now on, my lawn should have far fewer brown patches caused by the dogs. And if one lawn plant struggles in a certain spot, I’m sure another will thrive, meaning fewer patches of bare soil.

It feels really good to be working with nature like this. Golf fairways and lawns of pure grass now strike me as man-made abominations.

I love how a small shift in perspective can have such profound consequences. Weeds are not “bad plants”, in fact, they’re often beautiful… we just have to work with nature and allow their natural beauty to show, rather than trying to eradicate them.

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