The Apps Transforming My Health

I’m using a triumvirate of clever little smartphone apps on my quest to boost my physical and mental health. Here’s a brief introduction to each of them.

1) Pixels

Pixels tracks my mental health. Each day, I log my overall mood and any depression symptoms. Over time this makes it easier to for me to identify patterns and triggers, improving my overall mental health.

(Check out Pixels on the Google Play store)

2) Fabulous

Fabulous brings structure and routine into my day. It’s all about building healthy habits. I’ve signed up to their premium “Sphere” feature and it’s already feeling like an exciting adventure which features me as the hero. They even cheekily use the Triforce symbol from the Zelda games!

(Check out Fabulous on the Google Play store)

Check out this brilliant testimonial video from a Fabulous user.

3) Health Mate

Last but not least, Health Mate tracks key measurements of my physical health. I’m currently most interested in logging my weight, body fat % and sleep patterns. This app connects to my Nokia smart watch, which I absolutely adore.

(Check out Health Mate on the Google Play store)

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