Welcome to My New Blog

The birth of the one-minute blog

Welcome to my new blog, Rock’s Fabulous Journey! So, what’s it all about?

This new blog is going to be a journal of my ongoing quest to improve all aspects of my life. This includes getting fitter, losing weight and improving my mental health.

As my friends and family will know, I love writing about all things related to health, fitness, positive psychology, mental health and wellbeing.

Right now, I’m on a roll – my mental health has been improving recently thanks to a number of steps I’m taking. I’m also using a cluster of new apps to help me manage my health & fitness. I’ll go into more detail about those soon.

A key design goal for me on this blog is to make each post short’n’sweet, ideally readable in just 1-2 minutes.

… Which is a good point to say that my time’s up for today! I’ll post more tomorrow!

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